Travertine – tufa (from the Italian "travertino", Latin "Lapis tiburtinus"). This easy-grained rock is the result of precipitation of calcium carbonate into carbon sources. Widely used as a building, decorative and facing material. The exclusivity of travertine in its granular-molecular structure with numerous holes. 

OST 1 Cross cut Calibrated
OST 2 Vein cut Calibrated
OST 3 Cross cut Polished
OST 4 Vein cut Polished
OST 5 Cross cut semi- Polished
OST 6 vein cut semi-polished
OST7 Cross cut, filled, polished, light
OST8 vein cut, filled, polished
OST9 Cross cut, filled wiyh cement, semi-polished
OST10 vein cut, filled wiyh cement, semi-polished
OST 11 Cross cut, filled, semi-Polished
OST 12 Vein cut, filled, semi-Polished
OST 13 Cross cut antique
OST 14 vein cut antique
OST 15 decorative