“Orient Stone” is a unique stone processing company which produces high quality facing tiles and decorative products from different natural stones including travertine, basalt, falsity, tuff, granite and marble. The Company produces a wide range of wall and flooring tiles for external and internal use.

The company uses its own travertine quarry in Ararat region, which is famous for its high quality travertine. The quarry is operated by Italian modern equipment that enables to deliver to the plant only high quality raw material.

The plant occupies an area of about 34 000 m2 and is equipped with the latest models of Italian machinery such as Breton S.p. A., Gaspari Menotti, Pellegrini, CMS Brembana, Kortforme, Spalanzani snc, Kortforme,Mec s.r.l., Levi Tunisi.

Tile production line enables to get all possible surface finishing types such as sawn, honed, semi-polished, polished, antique, etc.
In 2008 the company acquired decorative items cutting equipment by Italian companies Pellegrini and CMS-Brembana. Both are unique high-tech models of stone industry working on CNC programming. These machines can cut stones in 6 axes and get fantastic products such as columns of different length and diameters, cornices, arcs, all kinds of stairs, balustrades ,statues, fountains and many other decorative items.

Having professional staff, which in its turn have long time experience in stone processing industry and modern technologies “Orient Stone” can turn your most incredible ideas into reality.